it should be punishable by law to use the phrase “this is why no one likes you”/”this is why you have no friends”/”this is why no one wants to talk to you” in an argument dont fight me on this it just makes people feel so shitty 


Emma Thompson discusses why an Oscar would make a great weapon

why dont more people talk about this song

favorite office bloopers

"this next song is about falling in love"
"whats it about?"
"this song is about love! lets give it up for love!"
"i’ll tell you what i love!"
"you know what the best part of falling in love is?"
"its the oral sex, that’s right."


[aggressively hums the Game of Thrones theme at you progressively louder over the next month]

i hope zac efron’s friends never let him forget about bet on it

favourite office bloopers

We’re The Millers (2013) outtake

favorite kardashian/jenner relationships » bob + dicky boy

this is the #1 reason why i have anxiety about answering the phone




"do you know who this is?"

no i don’t fucking know do not do this to me you are going to make me cry i stg

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